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We’ll help you develop in-demand tech skills so you can accelerate your career in some of the world’s most innovative companies. Earn a salary, learn new skills and fast track your tech career – all with the support of our Consultant Support Team who ensure you are set up for success.

How it works

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How it works

Video call

Understanding specific skills in previous academic/employment projects and how you tackle problems, tasks and challenges.

Coding Challenge

Proprietary, stack-specific coding exercises developed by our in-house technology team.

Psychrometric challenge

Evaluates your performance and includes skills, knowledge, abilities, personality traits, attitudes and

 job/academic potential.

Pair programming exercise

Pair programming exercises that test for a deep understanding of algorithms, on-the-fly problem-solving, and collaboration too.

Get matched to employers

Algorithmic-identified opportunities from our large pool of clients.

My journey as a full-stack developer through Harvey Nash NextGen has been truly transformative. The nurturing learning environment at the Academy, the unwavering support provided for job interviews, and the diverse range of opportunities on the client site have all played pivotal roles in my personal and professional growth. I wholeheartedly recommend NextGen to any aspiring developer seeking a supportive and enriching experience.

Yan Ngo

Why choose us

Join thousands of graduates advancing their careers through our learning community.

Leading partners

We are developing an ecosystem of student founded and industry led organisations. Here you will have opportunities to attend 'thought leadership' events, networking sessions and meet dynamic technology leaders. It’s our hope that this will also function as a support network for all our trainees.

Innovative programmes

Participants gain employable skills in the world’s most in-demand technologies that enable them to gain access to job opportunities. The Harvey Nash NextGen Learning Community prioritises growing stacks in the market to ensure that education equals opportunity.

Learn remotely

Our online and remote learning solutions allow easy access to materials and education regardless of where you are geographically located.

Growing community

Whether you are a complete newcomer to our specialist fields or just enhancing your knowledge, there is value here for you.