Harvey Nash Remote Recruitment Event

Posting date: 11 June 2021

Remote Recruitment Event: 

Exploring the solutions for the future of Remote Hiring

Since March 2020, recruitment has changed a lot. We no longer have the walk to the interview room and the normal face-to-face interactions which help us know if a natural rapport has been built. Now going into 2021 the industry has changed again and job opportunities are either fully remote or have more opportunity to work from home.

Our expert panel who includes:

• Harmeet Dilber - Recruitment Business Partner at Capco

• Gayle Reid - Team Lead/scrum master at Intelligent Growth Solutions

• Annette Tran - Software Quality Engineer at Dayshape

• Anna Linzi – Programme Manager at Equator

• Chris Hodder - Senior Software Engineer at getaroom.com

• Sara Harrison- Recruitment Manager at Edrington

The event explored what has and hasn’t worked and provided a safe space to share ideas to make remote recruitment the best it can be for candidates and clients. The event was designed for those who are hiring and those thinking about looking for their next job. Our panel addressed four key areas:

1. How are you attracting talent virtually?

2. What is your virtual interview process?

3. How are you onboarding candidates?

4. Commitment?

Overall the helped identify the need for businesses to increase their human element for remote hiring, especially the consistency with communication during onboarding. There were some fascinating questions from attendees and great tips and tools presented by the panel. 

We’d like to thank our panel for taking the time to provide their specialist insights, drawing on candidate and consultant knowledge. If you’d like to find out more about this event please contact: 

Bethany McKenzie- Bethany.McKenzie@HarveyNash.com 

Lowri Davies- Lowri.Davies@HarveyNash.com 

Aaron Hamilton- Aaron.Hamilton@HarveyNash.com

Full Event Recording