Recruitment Managed Services

Bespoke MSPs and RPOs tailored to remove your specific recruitment problems.

Managed Service Provider

Managed Service Provider

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) finds you the very best talent while saving you time, money and hassle.

Known as a single engagement, multi-sourced model, we manage all your contractors and suppliers taking end-to-end responsibility for your contingent workforce. You save time and money, complexity is reduced and you’ll still access the very best people. 

You also enjoy the benefits of:

 - a single contract

 - a single commercial model

 - uniform governance structures

 - consolidated invoicing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

An alternative to managing your own agency PSL, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) seamlessly integrates with your business to deliver the talent your business requires.

We provide you with a dedicated onsite team who manages your talent attraction, acquisition and retention strategies for either or both your permanent and contingent workforce.

Resource Augmentation

Resource Augmentation

Harness additional resource to proactively attract, select and pool talent on an ongoing basis.

Resource Augmentation increases your recruitment capacity and deepens your talent pool. Then, when you need that perfect person for that specific role, there’s a ready tranche of talent to choose from.

Supplement your existing onsite team with Harvey Nash experts. We’ll act as an extension of your team, within your existing business environment. Or choose offshore resource from Poland or Vietnam, 24/7.

Total Talent Management

Are you getting the most out of your workforce? How do you balance the types of resource you have? How do you strategically prioritise cost, compliance, value and timescales? 

Total Talent Management is the strategic implementation of a demand management function. This model takes time to understand your business before creating a unique workforce service catalogue. This could include permanent hiring, contractors, SoW projects, apprenticeships and retraining, or service integrators. 

Its power is in assessing every engagement channel you utilise to find the solution and governance that works across them all.

Total Talent Management
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