About us

We’re ambitious, we’re authentic and we invest in our people. Our culture is what gives us our edge and it’s our consultants who make the difference. Attracting, developing and retaining our UK North talent drives our success.


Across the North we share an unwavering drive and ambition to grow and develop the business and the people within it, as true consultants. 

We are proud of our client relationships and how we collaborate across the region. 

Each Office

Each office has responsibility for creating its own unique culture where the people within it are empowered to shape the vision and values. 

We drive inclusive recruitment practices internally and support our customers on the same journey. 


Not just recruiters

We are entrepreneurial; individually and as a team, each accountable for our success. 

Aware of how we each contribute to the team’s vision, we consciously maintain and develop our client and candidate relationships. 

We are not just recruiters, we pride ourselves on being thought leaders, our solutions are genuinely innovative…..just look at our range of services..

Embracing change

We’ve embraced change and taken ourselves outside of our comfort zones to personally grow and create a supportive progressive working environment. 

We're proud to build our company around imaginative, ambitious, hard working people AND we are focussed on continual improvement. 


Shaping success

By joining us, you'll be playing a crucial part in shaping the success of our business from our prestigious industry events, leading research publication, charity initiatives and team incentives. 

There's always something going on!

What are we?

We are not a corporate, 7-7 “old school” KPI driven recruitment business. 

We are flexible, inclusive, contemporary and relationship driven.

Harvey Nash party

Five things
that make us unique


Each of the three UK North businesses have a leadership team who have a unique understanding and passion for the intricacies of their market places.


All of our UK North businesses has been grown organically with their values at their core of everything we do.


Altogether, the UK North consists of dedicated hubs with an entrepreneurial and start up mentality


We have a unique opportunity to work in culturally diverse and historical UK cities every single day.


All our UK North teams are dedicated to working and building the best relationships in the industry.