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Efficient solutions that help you improve your people’s performance, remain compliant and run your workforce more efficiently.

Contractor Management & Payroll Services

Contractor Management & Payroll Services 

Complex, highly regulated and prone to fluctuating legislation, managing the contingent labour market is time-consuming no matter where you are in the world.

Make sure every temporary or contingent worker you engage with is compliant with local legislation, effectively on-boarded and easily pay-rolled with the help of Harvey Nash. 

We’ll remove the administrative burden of payroll, manage the headcount and ensure everyone is fully compliant. Meanwhile, you can focus on your day job.

Statement of Work

An alternative to time and materials, an SoW provides you with a single contract to cover defined timescales, service deliverables, project-specific activities, resource capability profile, MI and invoicing schedules.

- Source talent without increasing your headcount

- Traditional, temporary or contingent arrangements are billed based on time worked

- Agreements are billed on a fixed price deliverable or for hitting specific milestones

Statement of Work
Permanent Hiring Programmes

Permanent Hiring Programmes

When permanent headcount and hiring restrictions conflict with the need to have a stable workforce, Permanent Hiring Programmes offer an external pool of permanent talent that can be managed in line with your own workforce. 

This solutions manage your workforce day-to-day, removing the HR overheads in terms of time and money.

With no upfront permanent fees, it's a cost-effective alternative to using consultancies and includes the management of SMEs. The success of the service is measured in outcomes and outputs that are linked to commercials and managed by Harvey Nash.

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