Let me ask you a question; why wouldn’t you choose to work in London? It’s the centre of the known-universe! The most connected city in the world. More investment than any other European country. A melting-pot of ideas and culture that is unrivalled. There is so much opportunity when you start a career here.


Your career

So if you’re moving to London, or you already live here, what are you going to do?

Is recruitment going to give you what you want? If you’ve just spent 3 years studying something you love, is recruitment going to satisfy your hunger? Now you’ll be asking yourself, am I right for recruitment? Let’s answer those questions.

First off, yes, recruitment can give you what you want, if you want a great starting salary, instant routes for progression and a work/life balance that means you can still enjoy yourself.

Is it going to satisfy your hunger?

Well, do you have an appetite to contribute to something truly special? This isn’t just recruitment, by the way, it’s technology recruitment – which is by far and away the most exciting area of the industry. We’re not placing Civil Servants into Colchester Borough Council, we’re placing people that are developing apps and revolutionising the world around our very eyes.


Are you right for recruitment?

Well, you’re about to graduate which tells us you are, we know already that you are driven, determined and dedicated. We are currently looking to hire engaging and enthusiastic candidates into the role of Trainee Recruitment Consultant. Working as part of a collaborative team, you will work on a range of roles across the technology spectrum.